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Engine House Tattoo is proud to be serving Germantown and the Greater Dayton/Cincinnati area since 2012. We currently have 3 award winning artists on staff to provide our clients with top notch service.

With a combined experience of almost 50 years, we can provide our clients with custom designs across a full spectrum of styles. Each artist has a unique style that they have spent years refining and we are always continuing to grow. We encourge people to look through our portfolio's and choose the artist that most closely fits the style they are seeking.

We are a custom tattoo studio, so everything we do is designed specifically for each individual client. We do NOT copy tattoo's. Due to the time it takes to design each tattoo and execute it, there may be not be immediate availability for the date and time you are trying to schedule.

Each artist at Engine House Tattoo keeps their own schedule and availability will vary by artist. All appointments require a deposit to secure a date.

To set up a consultation, please contact us by calling the studio or sending an email request. As we are very busy, it may take a few days for a response.

We look forward to serving all your tattoo needs and thank each and every one of our supporters for making us a success.

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